Our Account Office was established in 1994 in response to an increasing interest of small and medium-sized enterprises in the issues of running a business especially in terms of wide range of taxes and finance.
The team of our office consists of the young advisers educated on legal, economic, administrative and banking specializations.

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We believe, that you will find many useful and interesting information on our website. No matter if you represent a big or a small company we are always ready to fulfill your requirements and expectations.
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Contact us and we will tell you how much you can save moving your finance services to the province.

Our unchanging principles

We fulfill all the tasks basing on long experience, we adjust our services to client's needs and requirements. In order to provide full, comfortable and successful service our office cooperates with the following partners:
  • economic & finance consultant
  • tax consultant
  • Health & safety consultant
  • EU funds consultant
  • finance & loan consultant
  • legal office